Poll: Attention seeking widgets

Over time, WordPress has enabled us bloggers to have more and more customization bells and whistles but how useful are they? Some widgets are purely decorative, others are informative, whilst still others are what I term ‘attention seekers. But either way, who gets to see them and how often?

As blog readers, we land on a page, usually the most recent post and invariably via the WordPress reader. If so, we don’t see anything other than the post until we click on the ‘view original’ link, which opens that blog in another window.

But can we be bothered/do we have time/are we intrigued enough, to read in the original…and then having done all that and gone to the blog, what is the likelihood that we will then also take notice of the alerts and signposts to the blog’s other content?

Related Posts plugin, as well as Recent Posts (I label it ‘Hot off the Press’)  and Top Posts & Pages widgets, are designed to tweak interest and keep the attention of our readers for longer, but how many of us click on through and read further?

So are these widgets just weighty download clutter or well-used navigational aids and prompts? Please take the poll as feedback helps all of us decide on what are useful additions to our blogs:




Having recently acquired a smartphone and seen my blog pages in smaller format, I’m aware of how much scrolling is involved. The more add-ons we have, the longer it gets!

Widgets have to earn their keep and this poll might just be the deciding factor.

Enabling/disabling ‘Related posts’