Street Photography project: the terminus


I see only from one point, but in my existence I am looked at from all sides.” (Sartre: Being and Nothingness)

It’s no good – I ‘ve always felt uncomfortable with a camera pointed at me. Inherently shy or perhaps like the toddler above, it’s an existential dilemna of the other’s gaze

park_picnic_groupI can’t therefore with any alacrity turn the camera on others – pointedly or surreptitiously.

At best I can capture people by way of other happenings – as here in the Portrait Gallery. Looking to the left of this scene, a bolder photographer would have focused in close on the happenstance of the visitor’s legs morphing with bearded portrait – -click to enlarge:-

It takes a lot of shots and patience for people and background to come together as an unwritten commentary but could be something like thiswomenatwar_memorial
or may be thissepia_britishmuseum_visitors
I’m content to capture people in the anonymity of contextual props – after all both these scenes would have been even duller without the placement of action

Maybe I’ll eventually become less self-conscious at pointing my camera at people but until then am not going to be trying out street photography projects. Time will tell if that is the end or just a terminus.  1-portrait_toddler2-2
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