Introspectives #14

For a long while, I was content with JPGs as the given for photo format until recently when I switched to shoot in RAW & JPG, whereby I can now see the limitations of the JPG parameters and enjoy the scope for ‘developing’ the RAW files in the way I envisage their final result. It also shows me the ones that are not worth keeping more evidently than the JPG version.

RAW is not simply an image file, but rather RAW image data that needs processing

Apart from cropping, and moderating exposure and contrast levels, RAW converting software 1 enables changes to colour balance, twisting curves, tweaking tone and altering the volume of noise.

All this processing is agin my aim towards a purist practice of ‘getting it right’ from the outset . But when it comes down to it, there is surely no such thing as a pure digital image. Even film results in different images from different developing techniques. Cross processing being just one example.

So I’ve thrown my hands up and confess to being more player than purist – for now it feels liberating and might just help me be less uptight when I’m out and about with my camera.

Wishing everyone a great weekend –  it might even be sunny again here now July is about to end.

Click images to view larger versions:-

Agapanthus flowers and blue door – tweaked to cobalt
Clematis blooms  with light blue cast
Grungy high contrast monochrome a great improvement over the colour jpg version
yet warmer sepia tones worked better than the above high contrast mono on this closed market perspective
upping the green tones and softening the whites gives a 70s style effect of the narrow urban courtyard
same retro tones as above on this modern complex – paradoxical but it brings out the hues of the tree and living wall planting
“Roving reporter in raincoat”

Introspectives series is thinking out loud as I aim to improve and learn more of photography. The images are not always for show –  feedback welcome.

1. I use a somewhat dated version of Silkypix which was batched with my Panasonic