WPC: Dreaming

seashore on ebb tide

oystercatcher wading at low waterFalling over the edge into a flat, almost featureless landscape. Ebb tide and a boat for voyaging.

Emotions run like wading birds at the water’s edge, cherry- picking flotsam from waves that lap and wash away the footsteps

Fragments of the journey recalled piece by missing piece of the wreckage between sleep and consciousness

“If I am dreaming let me never awake,
If I am awake let me never sleep.”
(Chinese proverb)

wreck & seashore on ebb tide at Melton, Suffolk
A trio of waterscapes from a recent Suffolk holiday for this, my first attempt, at the WP Weekly photo challenge. The theme of ‘Dreaming’ was not as easy as first envisaged given that it’s both an insubstantial state and one that is often far removed from wish fulfillment. Perhaps I’ve overdone the interpretation of dreams, Dr Freud!


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