Sky Friday: Clouds 9

The flatlands of Suffolk may sometimes be indeterminate but what they lack in definition they make up for in the vastness of horizontal. Here the skies overwhelm, surrounding and pressing in on all sides way so that the division between heaven and earth is blurred. It’s such a contrast to London with its jagged-teeth verticals where the wild blue always seems yonder, glimpsed between building or in the flash of glass.
six skies over a suffolk horizon
The unseasonably wet summer weather quick-changes the mood of skies from cheery to glowering. Steel-grey cumulonimbus clouds roll in like an enormous alien mothership. Walkers run for cover but the boats in dry dock stir and pull at their tethers, rising to meet the rainstorm overhead. Click to enlarge and see more from Skywatch Friday


6 thoughts on “Sky Friday: Clouds 9

  1. Great sky photos!
    I especially like the blue skies with beautiful fluffy white clouds .
    Happy Sky Watch Friday!
    Lea’s Menagerie

    1. thank you one and all
      – trying to fathom why replies to comments won’t nest
      – kusumscrapbook, for some reason Askismet put you aside

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