Big Birthday

mosaic of Birthday cakes
birthday cake mosaic compiled by
Montage Maker

I’m not far short of having eaten this many of my own birthday cakes. In the early years, they were dry-fruit concoctions encrusted in thick marzipan icing that would turn me green and blotchy until the light simplicity of a Victoria sponge bake made birthday teas something of a feast.

The titular alliteration is a reference to my 60th, which as the clock turns the decade, bells start ringing and I feel like a dazed boxer, thankful not to be out for the count. There’ll be no big bacchanalian bash but as the barometer promises dry and blistering, it will be a bus heading eastward,  a visit to some time-warped gardens, bars and bottles, and an Iberian restaurant of gastronomic renown.

Best Before: I’ve gone from hippy chick to shabby chic, without the desperation of Botox, because being as we are is the most becoming! To celebrate this, I’m aiming for a series of 60 images from vintage to faded, starting with ‘best before #1’ – a fading peony bloom with a delicious ‘high contrast sepia’ overlay of chocolate silk.

peony bloom in high contrast sepia
An autumn night – don’t think your life didn’t matter.

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    1. thanks Michelle especially asI know how precious time is to you but that was last year – may have updated the post as I featured the image! Come back next month – I’m another year older

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