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Thames travel

With all the dire predictions of travel chaos,  London 2012 has seen an exodus of unprecedented proportions. Away from Olympic venues and transport hotspots, streets are deserted, hotels have vacancies, businesses are reporting losses and rush hour journeys are abnormally quiet. Even without the need to beat the traffic,  travelling by river is, however, a great way to soak up some fantastic views of London.

tourists on Thames  boat & st pauls cathedral

The bow of  a Thames tourist boat comes into view as it passes by St Paul’s cathedral. The river frontage is an interesting combination of revamped historical with modern architecture, accentuated here by the graphical lines of  an ‘interior design’ SPE effect. Have lightly overlaid it with an additional watercolouring.

Useful Links:
London’s river bus services



playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

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