Pairing up

I ‘m not particularly narcissistic but the mirroring  of objects is a constant source of fascination for me and my camera. History comes alive when ancient buildings are viewed through the new look glazed edifices, the sky that is shut away between tall verticals, suddenly opens out and the river Thames gazes back at  promenaders all along the embankment.

reflections along the promenade of the river Thames

Just as a shadow arises from blocking a light source, so a reflection manifests when bouncing it back.  They’re the twins of dark and light and whilst I already participate in Shadow shot Sunday, until now I was running my own mini series of ‘reflections‘.  Happily I’ve found the weekend reflection meme and so I’ll be pairing up here from now on.


10 thoughts on “Pairing up

  1. “Faut que je t’invite à Venise
    Avant que l’eau l’ait noyée
    Avant que l’eau des banquises
    Vienne couvrir le monde entier
    On ira sur les jetées
    Qui s’enlisent”

    Nilda Fernandez

    I can’t find more fitting comment, in fact. 😀

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