WPC: Merge

This week’s WPC challenge leaves much to the imagination. The definition alone makes for a broad canvas – Merge is to combine, blend, or unite gradually so as to blur the individuality or individual identity.

In the original shot (centre) blending the whole was, by its very nature, a challenge as the scene is obviously set up to stand out! Sandwiched between blue sky and brick wall, is the extraordinary sight of a train carriage perched on top of a building. Framing the outer layers so that they reflect each other’s angle, creates a sense of unity between quite different objects. The addition of the Silver Birch sapling conjoins the objects on the vertical plane.

train carriage art studios

To take the theme a step further, I’ve used the ‘Flip, merge and stack 001’ SPE effect which creates and unites an image with its mirror, then overlays a resizable window of the original image. I’ve also added a touch of ‘radial bokeh’ because first impressions of a tube train are the approaching lights in the tunnels. This is after all an artist’s studio, so that leaves plenty of scope for merging one’s imaginings even further into the WP Weekly photo challenge

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