photoart friday: moored

photoart boat - SPE effects
Layering on the SPE effects in sequence

This is a classic example of ‘take an underwhelming image, layer on some arty ornamentation effects’ and the end result, if not overwhelming, is at least more interesting.

Not being able to afford the luxury of Photoshop, I signed up with Smart Photo Editor because my photos can often benefit from a realistic tweak whilst the artistic effects enable me to emulate art and craft skills, thatΒ  I do not naturally possess. Some I’ve printed out as wall art or for greetings card whilst others just mouldered in the archives.

Part of the reason for this blog was to record what effects I use, how and where, and to bring the resulting image into the light so am especially pleased to link up with other tweakers ‘ digital fiddlers’ at the Friday meme: Pixel Dust Photo Art. The host, Bonnie, adds a theme which is an inspirational prompt rather than mandatory. This week it’s ‘Moving’ and at first glance my ‘Moored at Melton’ is a statement of its exact opposite – the static. Yet with a rising tide, there is always the potential to weigh anchor and away.

Moored at Melton - photoart
Moored at Melton


22 thoughts on “photoart friday: moored

  1. I really like this, and how you’ve shared the process, YOUR process, of “processing” or what I like to call “digital fiddling” with your underwhelming photograph. This is great inspiration and encouragement. Thank you, too, for visiting my blog and post. I try always to reply via email but your email didn’t show up and I couldn’t find it so I thought I’d just here and say how much your comment meant to me!! Nice to BE “meeting” you here…

  2. Bonnie

    Moored at Melton is a gorgeous piece of photo art worthy of a frame and a place on a wall! I am always thrilled to take one of my ‘mediocre’ photos, as you say, and turn it into something interesting if not beautiful. Love how you took the prompt and showed us its opposite – the whole idea is to be creative like that. Thank you from Photo Art Friday!

  3. Really neat. I have never gotten techy with my photographs, although I have a fairly nice camera. I should use it to its full potential. Just one more thing I say I’ll do and probably never will. I’ll just enjoy yours instead. πŸ™‚

  4. Your work is lovely – i like the way the boat is mysteriously behind the growth. The colours in the sky reflect the colours well too. Nice editing. You might like to share your more orange work on Mandarin Orange Monday #9 this week ( i spy a lovely orange boat up there:) )

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