Elegant at 50

monochrome tiles and shadows at 50 Doughty street, Camden
“Charity begins at home, and justice begins next door.” Charles Dickens

Monochrome tiles and fanlight combine in classical Georgian elegance at the Doughty Street doorway, for this my 50th post and another shot at Shadow Shot Sunday. Dickens enthusiasts will know that No. 50 is the adjacent dwelling to where the great Victorian writer lived for two of his somewhat peripatetic years in London. It is now the eponymous author’s museum – currently closed – so  entrance to 48 awaits another post.

And the 50th post is an opportune occasion to thank everyone who has followed, commented, stopped by or ‘liked’ my blog. Am very appreciative of all your encouragment.

Illusory Fun: Move the scroll bar up and down whilst focusing midway on the black and white tiles 🙂

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