photoart friday: autobio in 7

photoart - still life bio in 7
the processes of my bio art

In this week’s photoart theme, Bonnie challenged us to “a seven word phrase describing your process as an artist with an accompanying piece of photo art“. Fortunately she gave out some guiding principles here.

Abiding by her maxim of keeping it simple, I started out with a straightforward image of Hollyhock seedheads in a miniature bulb vase. Tightly packaged and neatly aligned, the seeds look ready to burst forth but without the necessary germination elements, are always in stasis. Hence this is a still life setting whilst praying for rain describes the passive process of waiting to be inspired by external factors rather than seeking it within.

The artist requires some substance, firstly in a texture that invokes the material of the receptacle and then in the overlay of the ‘impasto paints effect’. The addition of colour and flow cracks open the confines of conservative forces and by lightening the shadows, rich and vibrant rivulets emerge, to freshen the outlook. I am somewhere along the way in this process.
photoart -bio in 7 - packed with potential whilst praying for rain
And do look in the Pixel Dust gallery for this week’s fascinating collection of autobio art.


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  1. Bonnie

    Wow – I see way more than potential here! Lovely piece. So pleased you shared it and your sentence with Photo Art Friday!

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