A pictorial year in the life of my blog

After only 12 months this blog has already been through several different manifestations and false starts.
eljaygee - original header

It began as a quit smoking diary, with updates on the day-by-day withdrawal symptoms of smoking cessation. An Ocean Mist theme kept me on track, with its fresh outlook coupled with this header image cropped from a favourite view of Woodbridge harbour. Clean white clouds and sea air were the antithesis of smoking whilst the crane’s hoist was a good reminder that addiction is like being a fish caught on a hook.

Woodbridge Harbour September 2011

After only a few weeks, the intensity of withdrawal died down and with it the raison d’être for posting. And so the blog mouldered for many months until Spring this year when I decided to delete it.

Having trashed all the pages, a last-minute change of heart led me to reinvent eljaygee as a photoblog with an Autofocus  theme. My tools are basically point-and-shoot and I do not travel much but I had London as my canvas, so it felt as though the world was really my oyster.

Marylebone Paddington Gardens - first post 2012I took to street photography until I dropped my Ricoh CX3 and wandered aimlessly without my third eye, whilst eyeing up the next step up with the Panasonic Lumix G3. Eventually the camera was fixed but blog enthusiasm had veered off down a side street, after only a brief April interlude.

temple church interior with desaturated vignette effect

Half the fun of photography for me is image manipulation and with a new computer in February, I’d lost my dinosaur version of Photoshop 5 – and no mortgage available to purchase a new one! Subscribing to Smart Photo Editor was inspirational and coupled with the Ideation and Intent theme, I jump started the blog again, with this interior of the Temple church.

woodbridge harbour 2012
One year later the scene at Woodbridge harbour is much the same, except the tide is out and I’m off the hook. With all the false starts I can’t really celebrate a 1st blogoversary but some kind of carnival mood is in order.

carnival at the Thames Festival

Postscript: I confess to nipping off into the Appearance cubicle and trying on different themes. Currently tempted by Sight and Oxygen. Watch this space!

tachina fera fly visiting pink hogweedAnd thank you for visiting, following and commenting


8 thoughts on “A pictorial year in the life of my blog

  1. As I came along in the spring, I didn’t know this blog started as a ‘quit smoking diary’. Congratulations on a huge, healthy milestone! I have never been a smoker, having grown up in a house where both parents smoked like chimneys. I was disgusted by cigarettes at an early age–this goes against the stats that says children of smokers are more likely to become smokers themselves. I’m quite proud of this fact.

    I always enjoy your photos because they’re of places and objects and nature that I’d probably find in my own neck of the woods. They’re comforting. 🙂

  2. I learned so much here Laura…I did not realize you had this blog as something else and had quit smoking. Congrats on that and the blog anniversary. I am glad I have been following. I like the Ocean theme. I look forward to continuing on this lovely journey with you as you photograph your surroundings.

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