photoart friday: age after beauty

This Friday’s photoart project is themed ‘the beauty of aging’1 and coupled with it, the pixel-dusted Bonnie gave away her textured background, styled ‘Ancient Treasure’.

Ancient Treasure – free download from Pixel Dust Photo Art

Since I do not have the versatile Photoshop I was not sure if and how I could use the background but some investigation of the Smart Photo Editor (SPE) facilities revealed the solution:-

  • open an image to work with
  • use composite tool & import 2nd image as overlay
  • adjust the size, opacity and blend mode
  • optional masking of specific areas
  • [also an option for a 3rd image as underlay]

This theme fits perfectly with my own mini series of ‘best before’ in which I celebrate the faded, ‘past their best’, subjects all around us. Flowers naturally feature but this ageing hydrangea floret was a good subject to work with here- a close-up with enough negative space for the overlaid texture to develop.

photoart 'white wave' hydrangea floret
my SPE effects processes including composites with textured overlay

Nevertheless it involved a few processes (and much experimenting) to reach completion. I used the background twice – in stage 2 the ‘add’ blend mode lightened the image, whilst stage 4 ‘hard light’ revealed more of the texture.

Finished off with a hybrid poem-cum-haiku (?poku) stanza..and linked to Photo Art Friday

click to enlarge -photoart: hydrangea 'white wave'

Postscript: This is the French-styled macrophyllia hydrangea ‘Mariesii Perfecta’ which is a youthful, amaranth pink in my London acidic soil but as they fade, the florets turn face down, displaying their age in alba tones.

1. You say ‘aging’ and we ancient Brits say ‘ageing’ 😉


23 thoughts on “photoart friday: age after beauty

  1. stunning!! thanks for the intro to Smart Photo Editor, too!! I got a free trial and look forward to playing with it. I DO have Photoshop Elements, and am finally starting to learn how it works, yet SPE looks like a fun program, too!!

  2. Bonnie

    You have produced so many lovely yet totally different results with the same photo and texture. Thank you for sharing your working steps. So glad you are sharing your talents with Photo Art Friday.

  3. I have the same/similar hydrangea and have been taking pictures of her this week. I just love how the florets are all facing down to show another side of their beauty. Your Haiku is perfect!

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