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Optical illusion

towering reflections in craven street

At the top end of Craven street, the Georgian-terraced dwellings of Benjamin Franklin and Heinrich Heine give way to modern edifices and the Strand. Thus the illusion of a tower block encased in glass is very aprt for a street that also houses the British Optical Association Museum.  Something to ponder over for this weekend reflection.

Postscript: It’s Open House London this weekend which gives public access to hundreds of buildings , ancient and modern, in and around the capital.

Useful Links:
Streets of London – Craven Street


playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

5 thoughts on “Optical illusion

  1. Thanks for sharing that link with us about this open house event in London ; we had exactly the same thing in France last week-end. It’s called “Journées du Patrimoine” and all monuments in France are open freely.

    I like the reflection you took on that building ; thanks for the explanation too.

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