Travel theme: white (1)

white swan stuck in the mud

Ejected from the bevy of swans by a more aggressive adult, this outcast found refuge on the mudflats. Ankle deep in the glutinous mixture, every step was a clumsy struggle and the ochre spattered plumage a far cry from the iconic white glider of our waterways. Forlorn but not dejected, the swan returned to the river, swimming on the periphery with a resumed elegance and purity of plumage for this week’s ‘White’ travel theme.

Comment: Ailsa’s theme is dedicated to the noble ideals of Peace day but this vignette shows that peace in a group  sometimes has be to be managed, with force if necessary. Something to think on!

Note: In SPE, I’ve overlaid a moderate hdri effect to bring out the textures of feather and mud


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