Travel theme: white (2)

whiteboard tidemill at woodbridge“White … is not a mere absence of colour;
it is a shining and affirmative thing…
God paints in many colours;
but He never paints so gorgeously,
… as when He paints in white.”1

I make no apologies for featuring this favourite landmark again – the whiteboarded tidemill at Woodbridge positively sparkles in the sun but on grey days and sultry evenings takes on a haunted hue, for a second link-up this week with Ailsa’s white travel theme.

Postscript: In SPE, I corrected the levels for this image as the original looked even more spectral but with less clarity. Evidently I need to understand my iso and wb settings so am including this very useful link for future reference: Understanding white balance

1. G. K Chesterton “A piece of chalk”


13 thoughts on “Travel theme: white (2)

  1. Love the tide mill. It always looks good no matter what the light. I live in Suffolk too and there are lots of great places to take photos around here, aren’t there?

          1. Ah – I get it now. I understand. I used to work in London about a millennium or two ago. I live not far from the Norfolk Suffolk border and not too far from the coast. I would like the city to be nearer sometimes, for convenience, but I would never go back.
            I hope you get your dream one day. 🙂

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