photoart friday: speaking in tongues

This Friday’s photoart prompt is ‘abstraction(s) from nature’ which had me stuck for a while before the liberation of the verb fully dawned. To abstract is to take away, detach and isolate. Once separated from its contextual meaning, an abstraction is free to be what it likes.

SPE processes from water to fire - abstract embers
sequential SPE effects including composite with texture ‘vintage craquelure’

My original canvas is one of those ‘why did  I bother with this shot?’ – a meadow pond at the end of winter with tree reflections and no wildlife. Having removed some of the detail with a ‘watercolor vector’ effect, I overlaid ‘Vintage Craquelure’ – courtesy of Pixel Dust Photo Art’s free textures (thank you Bonnie). After a favourite ‘flip, merge & stack’ effect,  a rotation turned the whole thing on its head.

Viewing an image upside-down theoretically enables input from the right-side of the brain –  the creative side that dispenses with names and classifications in favour of the intuitive and spatial. Thus with a few more hue and colour effects, the image is complete…and immeditately the left-side brain kicks in to identify and re-assemble as abstract embers, falling timbers, banana plantation in conflagration…and so on!

But an abstraction is not concrete so out of the flames, smoke, steam and ash arise lateral associations in a word cloud…

…so that the transformation of a watery image to a fiery one manifests as ‘speaking in tongues’,  which, when the spirit moves, is probably an accurate rendition.

abstract -speaking in tongues

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28 thoughts on “photoart friday: speaking in tongues

  1. such a wonderful “looking-glass” to fall into for a time today. I, too, went through some thoughtiness round the abstraction[s] part. I love how you’ve shared what you did and it inspires me to see some things in new ways. very cool, thanks!!!

  2. Valerie

    Well I am going to have to ponder on your explanation of things for this photo and look at it some more. I just love to learn how others process their thoughts. I am amazed. Love the photo however you came the result. Valerie

  3. Bonnie

    Engaging thoughts to accompany an amazing piece of abstract photo art. I appreciate all the thought you put into this. It certainly is evident in the resulting image! Thanks for sharing with Photo Art Friday.

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