photoart friday: figures in the park

With no shortage of subjects for this week’s photoart, I spent an afternoon in a busy London square, exploring all the facilites on my camera’s menu systems. Most of the time I’m shooting in the dark as it were because I’m unable to digest and retain the instruction manual. Sepia mode was a great discovery, bringing out the warmth and intimacy of the Autumn afternoon, although good light levels were more crucial for shots.

sepia figures in russell squareWhen it comes to capturing moments I need to be less eager and grabbing so just sitting where I was and zooming in and out to what I saw around was an object lesson in relaxation. This also suited my purposes because I do not like to obviously intrude on people nor steal their privacy. Far shots, side and back are good enough without permission.

seated couple in sepia, russell squareI decided to make minimal manipulations to the figures as the sepia itself is an art form but it did need some alteration of light levels. The addition of an ‘artisitic media’ bordering gives a vintage postcard feel.

seated solitary sepia  figure in russell square

Instead, I’ve strung some stills together for this photoart Friday theme and am trying out my first ‘movie’ –  after all it figures that figures move! The zoomy shots are not too good but the main point was to capture the multiple configurations of people in Russell Square. Much of the action revolves around a solitary, seated figure who provides ‘the still point of a turning world’. 1 [ turn up speakers]

Am hanging this up in the ‘Figure(s)’ theme gallery for another shot at Bonnie’s Photo Art Friday

Postscript: ‘Movie’ made in Picasa, edited in Youtube with music but have since discovered WeVideo

1. T S Eliot ‘Burnt Norton

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31 thoughts on “photoart friday: figures in the park

  1. Bonnie

    These shots are wonderful. Love how the sepia gives them such a timeless feel. Thank you for sharing your process of capturing these photographs. Thank you too for hanging your art on the Photo Art Friday walls, Laura.

  2. really wonderful, Laura!! I especially enJOYed feeling as if I were there, in a park, where it is cool. the sepia is such a stunning feature. I’ve never thought about shooting in sepia but you have opened my eyes to a great many things here!! thank you!!

    1. thank you Ida – my first ‘moving pictures’ but I put it together to bring the figures alive and to show the differences between colour, sepia and black& white. It’s given me a taste to try more 🙂

  3. Laura, I just realised there was more than one…. Great series. I see that in the first one people are rushing around oblivious to others, but the other two someone is watching (as well as us). Clever. The video was a nice addition 🙂

  4. Great music!

    I love the way that, because you are shooting from distance, it isn’t terribly obvious that people are in 21stC dress, with the sepia that first image in particular looks positively Victorian.

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