Scandart Sunday: Leaf

The small leaf fluttered before me and though I investigated, it did not belong to any of the trees on the street. I popped it in my pocket, intending to photograph later for even though it was a little ragged, the colours and markings were quite striking. Instead I laid it face down on a flat-bed scanner with a plain, quality paper overlaid, to create a good, clean background.1

autumn leaf scan

At 300 dpi the scan has all the characteristics of a collage and cropped to the square, inspired a whole set of greeting card style images (I love square cards), using Smart Photo editor effects:-

‘The Four Quartets’4-square leaf montage Top L to R: SPE effects – focal point 007; vintage paper & watercolor; leaf skeletons 002; textures4u 014;

autumn leaf wordcloud foliageAilsa’s travel theme topic last week was ‘Foliage‘ which prompted a maple leaf word-cloud
autumn leaf avant-garde 002 SPE effect with Basho haikuRainwater runs in rivulets down the gutters gathering fallen leaves along the way in colour mixes of Autumn….
…but the solitary leaf is purely and simply itself.
autumn leaf haikuScandart Sunday: I’ve set aside the first Sunday of each month for the art of instant imaging by scanning.
If you’d like to join me, just create your own post and call it ‘Scandart: theme title’. My theme ‘Leaf’ was effectively chosen for me but anyway it’s more of a prompt rather than a requirement.
Add your post link in the comments, and so that others can find this, don’t forget to place a link to this page in your post.
Next month the suggested theme is ‘Print’ which could be more 3-d than this one with many interpretations. Let’s see what comes out of your scanner!
scandart sunday button

1. Am using a Canon MG8150 printer/scanner
2. “Four Quartets” verse from Eliot’s Burnt Norton
3. Haikus are the poems of Matsua Basho

Useful Links:
“By changing colors, applying filters, creating montages, or converting scanned images to line art or posterizations, you can create a variety of illustrations” Scanning real objects


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