photoart friday: liquid

Collage of SPE processes for photoart friday 'liquid' theme

For the past 3 Mondays, I’ve walked back from my Tai Chi class in the pouring rain. Cutting across Leicester Square, the perspex fronted facade of M&Ms mega-merchandising sweet store appears even more viscous in the deluge. Dripping with saccharine neon colours, I’ve made it the subject for this week’s photoart theme.

Actually I did not need to do much image manipulation as the ‘Liquid Frame’ SPE effect enables the flooded pavements to pour out of the picture. By lightening the black, I could then overlay the ‘colorful vignette’, in order to match the exterior with the interior candy hues. Finally, with an ‘improved colors’ effect, the resulting razzamatazz overflows in a flavour burst for Bonnie’s photo art Friday theme: ‘Liquid’.

photort friday liquid - M&Ms leicester square

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M & Ms World, London


33 thoughts on “photoart friday: liquid

  1. Wonderfully done, Laura!! WOW!! I think I must have heard of SPE from you as I tried playing with it the other day and was gob-smackered with all the possibilities. NOW, seeing what you’ve done, I am thinking to check it out further!! It still feels enormous, especially as I am only so new to PSE8, but what I like is the FUN of such effects as you’ve used here to really tell a story…
    p.s. I thank you so much for your comment on my PAF post. I like to reply by email but if I don’t have one I make sure to post it along with my comment visiting you. I think my son really enJOYed it and was mayBE even a bit surprised at what I was able to DO with some very old photographs… it is fun BEing able to share HERE as well In Real Life. It’s especially delicious when it is received so generously as your comments!!

    1. I’m probably a mouthpiece for SPE as like you, so much enjoy the FUN of photo manipulation (though it is not without its exasperating side ). Always saving my pennies for PS but first want to upgrade my camera (and then images will not need so much photoshopping!!). p.s. appreciate your comments on my comment though can’t fathom why the email does not show – something to do with the mismatch between blogger and wordpress?

  2. What a wonderful effect! I’ve always wanted to take a tai chi class…

    Thank you for commenting on my PAF submission – the font I used for my image was called “Susie’s Hand”. I’m not sure where I got it, but it was free and if you do a Google search it should show right up. Have a great weekend! 🙂

    1. laura@eljaygee

      Sherri, you’re welcome to come to my classes but I only teach elderly people!
      thanks for ‘Susie’s hand’ – it looked so good on your PAF

  3. Definitely a flavour burst of liquified razzamatazz! I wish we could apply that effect to all our rainy days in real life, other than through pharmaceuticals, of course.

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