photoart friday: texture trio

The only requirement of this Friday’s photoart is to make good use of Bonnie’s texture: ‘Leaf Landscape’. In that sense the theme is suggestively set which gave rise to a veritable forest:-
photoart spindle tree with leaf texture1I first reduced details of the Spindle tree with a soft wash effect so that the texture overlay was more obvious. After some definition tweaks a pastoral scene magically emerged out of the coniferous undergrowth, reminding me of a vintage English watercolour
spindle tree watercolor scene(2) I repeated the above textured watercolor process with the avenue of Lime trees, whereby the plain simplicity and mirroring of avenue and sky becomes quite startling. Had to resist the temptation to fill the space with inscriptions of any sort
avenue of lime trees with watercolor effect and texture(3) Next I wanted to see what the ‘Leaf Landscape’ would look like as an oil painted effect. Since it had so much definition already I overlaid it with a flattening luminosity opacity and an SPE ‘fluid tonality’ effect which turned the whole image a most magnificent purple.photoart spindle tree with leaf texture (2)But with a tweak of ‘Golden light’ effect, hey presto!, a riot of russet Autumn appears:
spindle tree with golden light 'autumn'which is perfect for this time of year except that the beauty of the Spindle tree lies in its remarkable red foliage with puce and orange berries…
…removing the Autumnal effect and de-saturating all but red, the ‘high impact’ monochrome gives just a suggestion of fallen leaves and fruit, having an oriental slant that cried out for a haiku:
spindle tree with Haiku

Am hanging these up in the Pixel Dust gallery with many thanks to Bonnie for her ‘Leaf landscape’ texture and creatively inspiring Photo Art Friday theme


26 thoughts on “photoart friday: texture trio

  1. Great work on editing and using the texture. Your question about collage sheets, I go to sites like scrapbook graphics and look at the themes that designers have created and purchase for a small price files which you can use in your art work. I am also a designer for Rian Designs, there should be a link on my home page. Cheers

  2. Bonnie

    Love the variety of ways you have employed the texture! Your #2 is fabulous – and I think your instincts to leave off any text were right.

  3. #2 is just brilliant and truly artful. The lighting, simplicity, point of view, composition and colour choices are what make it. The texture enhances a great image.

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