Travel theme: couples

A recent talk at the Japan Foundation on  photobooks has inspired me to stay in the black and white world for a while. It’s Autumn, that fabulous foliage fall time of year and since I’m such a colour addict, my camera skills can only improve with focus on other aspects.

I’m attempting to follow the ethos of Japanese photobooks which is hard to pinpoint but the juxtaposition of images is paramount, on the basis that there is no mot juste equivalent in the visual world. Paradoxically, images are to be read rather than viewed. Thus a walk in the park becomes a mingling of various twosomes, coupled together here like the pages of an open book:

collage of couples in St James park

couples in St James' park
Tagging along here with Ailsa’s travel theme: ‘Couples’

1. The Japanese Photobook Then + Now – Talk by Ivan Vartanian. The Japan Foundation.
An exhibition of Klein & Moriyama’s gritty urban photos and the avant-garde photobook genre is now at Tate Modern


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    1. the Japanese photobook was new to me too Michelle. Has a history so dfferent from our lush coffee table versions – much more social statement and narrative and monochrome

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