Muse Day: November

autumn crocuses - colchicum 'water lily'Child of the pensive autumn woods!
So lovely, though thou dwell obscure and lone,
And though thy flush and gaiety be gone;
Say, among flowers of the sad, human mind,
Where shall I ever find
So rare a grace? in what shy solitudes?
Autumn Crocus – Robert Laurence Binyon

At the start of a new month, I like to mark it with the ritual of a poem – a residue from the old Garden Bloggers Muse Day meme. This is not exactly a typical November verse but the year is ageing fast and the Autumn crocus, in the language of flowers, represents growing old. These are Colchicum ‘Water lily’ typically toppled and appropriately covered in droplets – subject here to some post camera colour tweaking.

Postscript: Since I’ve just closed my gardening blog, expect to see more flowers and plants here!


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