photoart friday: cobbled road

For this week’s photoart theme, Bonnie’s free texture ‘cobbled road’ is the inspiration. Instead of using it just as a background, it remains as an integral part of the scene. photoart friday cobbled road collageCobbles conjure images of  Dickens perhaps because here in Bloomsbury, the great author’s imprint is everywhere. Outside the museum in Doughty street, the hoarding displayed Buss’s unfinished work: ‘Dickens Dream, whilst not far away in Paddington Gardens, is the statue of ‘the street orderly boy’ – a child labourer employed to clean up the detritus of Victorian highways and byways. Dickens is renowned for the pathos of his characters but I think perhaps the poor and needy conjured the author to write their tales of woe.
photo art Dickensian cobbled road In Smart Photo Editor, the items were masked and put together in composite overlays and completed with a white, spidery ‘Fable’ border that fits the narrative. Look out for more ‘cobbled road’ images hanging in Bonnie’s Photo Art Friday gallery

Useful Links:
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  1. that is so fascinating, Laura!! so you must have purchased the Smart Photo Editor program?! I played with the trial but couldn’t seem to save anything. I will say it gets more intriguing when I see the results you’re sharing here!! lovely and provocative, too.

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