Scandart Sunday: Print

Last month I’d set myself the topic of ‘print’ for this, my next scandart post but as time went on I was somewhat baffled as to what I’d had in mind! My sister unwittingly came to the rescue when she sent the gift of a beautiful blue silk scarf. The aqueous print scanned very well, with all its inky detail, making an ideal  textured background for an egret stencil I’d bought when deciding to sign up for a ‘stamping’ art and craft lesson. Whether using a mould or a cut out, the effect is a repetitive, identical print – especially useful for those of us who cannot draw.

scan of egrets stencil and water silk scarf print
Inversion: These two scanned images, put together, are a great combination because egrets dwell in the water margins but although the stencil scan was bold and clear, the dark surround did not combine easily with the scarf print background. The solution was to ‘invert’ the image (white exterior/dark egrets) in Smart Photo Editor. 1

egret card prints &background

  • a composite overlay, with a vibrant opacity, gives grey texture and blue egrets
  • overlaying and switching to its negative, the original blue/green texture turns terracotta
  • the above becomes a lovely  lilac and dark green with an ‘infrared’ SPE effect

Cut Out:  I was carried away by the colour permutations until I realised that with all processing, the snow white beauty of egrets was lost. Thus, I started again by pulling the original stencil scan into Serif photo editor and with the magic wand, selected and removed the dark pixels, leaving just the white cutouts to overlay on the blue textured background. 2

egrets stencil overlaid on silk scarf print comboIs not a white bird forlorn?
It melts neither into the sky blue nor into the sea blue.
It flies and floats. 3

Challenging the poet’s observations, I used a favourite SPE avant-garde 008 effect to blend the birds with their watery environs…

egrets with avant garde water effectMy printer is also my scanner and by combining the scans, I have made several prints – all of which have printed out rather well!

NEXT MONTHS THEME: flowering plants scanned together to create a BOUQUET

Scandart Sunday:

  • If you’d like to join in, just create your own post and call it ‘Scandart Sunday: theme title’.
  • I’ve entitled this month’s theme ‘Print’ but this is a prompt rather than a requirement
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Let’s see what comes out of your scanner!
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1. I subscribe to Smart Photo Editor for access to the library of artistic effects. Or the free Picasa3.9 for basic effects
2. I use Serif’s free digital photo editing software for image manipulation: download Photoplus Starter edition
3. Tanka by Wakayama Bokusui,