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photoart friday: follow the contour

As any garden landscape designer knows, when it comes to lines, the vision always cuts to the furthest point along the straight and narrow unless waywardly led down the garden path with focal cued distractions, right and left. Curves are paramount as by some quirk of nature the eyes are innately mesmerised by a sinuous line, unable to resist travelling the contours, no matter how many directional straight lines are also present.

linear park pathway collage

In this park pathway, a wavy, brick  inset carries the viewer along, around the tree and beyond. To accentuate the linear I used an SPE ‘pencil & ink’ effect and ‘Infinity Lite’, whereby the image is layered in diminishing sizes. Yet even when the horizontals and verticals are effectively quadrupled, the eyes still follow the sinuous.

Bonnie’s suggested theme this week is distinct line(s) so I’m hanging this up in her photart friday gallery

photoart friday lines - violet dream

Experience is the Angled Road

Preferred against the Mind

By—Paradox—the Mind itself—

Presuming it to lead

Quite Opposite—How Complicate

The Discipline of Man—

Compelling Him to Choose Himself

His Preappointed Pain—

Emily Dickinson



playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

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