photoart friday: enshrined in law

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Bonnie offered her ‘signed and sealed‘ texture as starting point for this week’s theme. I tried it out on several images but the stamped and formal script connotation just did not seem fitting, until I linked it up with the Palace of Westminster image. 1000 years of history have shaped Britain from this site, enshrined from the mid 1800s in the glorious, perpendicular gothic, Houses of Parliament.

Before adding the texture composite, I delineated and de-realised the original image with a pastel illustration. The texture blended either too well or not enough with the image and so I left it in Luminosity with 75% opacity. Still the colours were overly fresh and vibrant for my liking and so I completed the editing in a low key, vintage postcard style, more in keeping with the  ancient laws of our land.

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I’m hanging this in the Pixel Dust photoart gallery with thanks to Bonnie for the free texture


26 thoughts on “photoart friday: enshrined in law

  1. Beautiful… And you’re right – perhaps a potential for legend in the image is what the texture requires? I, too, had problems making it meaningful rather than just nice… 🙂 Love your results, though! And must admit it makes me curious – not critical, just curious – as to how well it would work with a more straight sepia tone… Too much?

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