Trialling Light

I went in search of liquid and found the light…The day was dry and gusty – birds were propelled southward and clouds broke at random to let in some late autumn illumination

Seizing the moment was essential with shafts of sunlight disappearing as magically as they arrived

Bleaching out and lens reflection was the main challenge as the low-horizoned sun brought the whole scene into the limelight but I think this mono of the wildlife pond worked well enough

Could have benefitted from polaroid sunglasses over the lens and the passers by popping into focus 3 seconds earlier but the silver-headed reeds frantically beckoning in the wind is what caught my attention

Scurrying homeward as the sun slips away and where perhaps the sky, left of picture,  is too solarised but at least the movmement is captured without the kind of blur that accompanies too many sundowners.

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7 thoughts on “Trialling Light

  1. Great shots. The two that catch my eye are the B&W and the “scurrying home” one. Solarized or not, that left side of the image balances the scene … it adds to it. I like it.

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