photoart friday: best foot forward

For this final PAF of 2012, the suggestion is to display a best or favourite piece of photoart – one that we might choose to adorn a book cover or calendar. Since I’ve not been ‘photarting’ long enough to garner a selection, I decided instead to put together a favourite painterly texture (from Bonnie’s free selection) with one of my best images from last December.

Collage of SPE processes for photoart friday 'best foot forward'
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Often when I feature people in a photograph I like to add a hyper-real painted effect to obliterate identity a little. Overlaying the texture in multiply darkens it considerably so I reduced opacity to 70%. Since the image has a touch of Christmas magic I then added a ‘saturate and glow’ effect and finalised it with lightening the levels to bring out the wintery blues.

Christmas at Somerset House
Best foot forward

I’m not one for getting in the festive spirit too soon but since the next photoart friday will be January 2013, I wish Bonnie and fellow photartists a Happy Christmas and New Year as I hang this up in the Pixel Dust gallery


21 thoughts on “photoart friday: best foot forward

  1. Lovely! The sky is particularily enchanting, but the glow effect is really splendid all over. I love that texture of Bonnie’s, and this shot does it justice. Hey, if we haven’t got portfolios, all we can do is work on them ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Holidays!

  2. Happy Holidays to you, too. I just hope we will visit each other even without the PAF…
    beautiful picture, btw. I need to get out there and see how my city is decorated for Christmas. It’s been raining cats and dogs, though and it is hard to get out and shoot!

  3. wondrous!! I love how generous you are with explanations and insights. I have learned more from perusing each PAF than from any classes or books. this is quite intriguing for me how you played and things came together. enJOY the month and I, too, hope we won’t BE out of touch all that much throughout December, but if it is to BE it is to BE. xoxo

    1. Like to elucidate processes so I can remember and others can follow suit or add suggestions. I see you did a picasa ‘video’ Currie- fun aren’t they but quite a lot of work editing and slow to put together

  4. Bonnie

    I adore this type of photo art. It has a certain realism while tricking us into believing it is a beautiful painting. The sky effect is gorgeous. So pleased you shared your art pieces with Photo Art Friday, Laura.

  5. I love the painterly effect you wound up with, and the image really captures Christmas, but I have to admit to really disliking the stripy tub the tree is planted in. I realise it is probably meant to look like a present, but that green really jars to my eyes…

    1. wont’ send you this as Christams card then Janet ๐Ÿ˜‰ not sure I’d want the peppermint stripe tub in my house but it manages to diminish somewhat in this much space

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