photoart friday: resolute

For this photoart Friday, Bonnie suggests selecting a ‘guiding’ word for 2013 linked to a piece of photo-art. The New Year always brings fresh resolve yet my considered changes are usually the ones I’ve not stuck with before. Quite obviously then, it is the process that should be my goal so that whatever ‘new leaves’ I turn over for 2013, I do so resolutely!

cumberland gardens, Bloomsbury
Cumberland Gardens, Bloomsbury

The unwavering, determined, single-minded principle of Resolute, is symbolically written in this lovely old Georgian street. The way is not too straight or narrow but distractions are hidden, and the route clearly marked, by boundaries. This is no dead-end either, for a gentle curve in the distance leads to other possibilities and when darkness falls, the street lamps cast aside shadows and illuminate the path all the way along.
collage of photoart effectsNaturally I began the New Year photoart with a blank canvas 1 on which I overlaid the image, with a soft watercolor effect. This is the initial, indeterminate phase of change which, with perseverance, become high-definitioned into clarity. Ahead lie the rewards and celebration of achievement in a composite, golden-burst ofΒ  fireworks 2 with an additional warm/cool contrast effect. Finally, I brightened the whole outlook and printed it out as a reminder to be RESOLUTE!!
photoart friday resolution 2013This and many other resolutions will be hanging in the Photoart Friday gallery. Do visit or even join in – and may the force for good be with you in 2013.

Postscript: Am also linking to the appropriately entitled, weekly photo challenge: Resolved

1. Using Bonnie’s PDPA free canvas texture
2. aΒ  photo of 2013 London fireworks display, as viewed from the roof of my block of flats


44 thoughts on “photoart friday: resolute

  1. Cut and paste it may be but you have done it with fabulous effect! I love your pictures so much, it reminds me of a time in my young life, I painted a lamp post very like yours and someone told me it was rubbish! I can laugh now because I am learning, very slowly that my art work is not rubbish.. thanks for the smile πŸ™‚

  2. I love what you’ve done with your image…and I especially love the symbolism in your processing. It matches your word choice perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing!

      1. Laura..I am photo editing ignorant. I have PS Elements and Coral Paint Shop Pro and I have not taken the time to learn how to use them…but it is a beautiful effect..

  3. Thanks for letting us know how you achieved each of the different photos…’s nice of you! The final image really is wonderful with the fireworks at the ‘end’ of the street! Love the image you started with ~ I c

  4. Such a great and powerful word for life, and so important in getting us where we want to be. also think that your photo and your edit on it is great! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this. I love how you show your steps. This is still puzzling to me. I seem always to work at it one way and NOT see there are other options. When I see [and you’ve made it so easy to see] how you took one then another… it makes it all seem clearer!! Thanks!!

  6. Great image Laura, and perfect words to accompany it. It never does to be too rigid about the expectations one has for the coming year, but some structure does tend to help, at least it does me, I am naturally a little chaotic.

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