Scattering of the bread

He occupies the corner of Red Lion square, with his bag of bread a magnet for the steely flocks of pigeon. A large, black man, barely visible under thick layers, with a wooly hat pulled down hard, and soon almost lost from view under a welter of feather and feeding. I walk the other way so as not to disturb the communion but then he vanishes as my back is turned, leaving only the faded polish of his seat and wide-spread footprints, outlined in crumbs.

park bench and breadcrumb footprints with 'old postcard' spe effects
breadcrumb footprints – ‘old postcard’ spe effect
Old, it is old, this scattering of the bread,
Deep as forgiveness, or the tears that go
Out somewhere to the dead.
Seldom they speak of God, He is too dim;
So without thought of after happiness
They feed the birds for Him.
Still will the poor go out with loving words;
In the long need, the need for happiness
The poor can feed the birds.
verse extracts from John Shaw Neilson : The Poor Can Feed the Birds

5 thoughts on “Scattering of the bread

  1. Very nice shot. I evokes certain feelings, but can’t quite put my finger on what they are … not sure if that makes any sense. I like it.

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