The glutton

The increasingly common sight of roly-poly robins and squat squirrels confirms my suspicions that gluttony is in the nature of animals, especially evident amongst humans and all those creatures that reside alongside us.

Does the tree squirrel not long for fleetness of foot and arboreal acrobatics now that he is rotund and grounded? Do not feed the animals – chase them – and let’s all get fit together!obese squirrel in Myddleton square

“Oh, pity the poor glutton
Whose troubles all begin
In struggling on and on to turn
What’s out into what’s in.”
Walter de la Mare


17 thoughts on “The glutton

      1. yes thank goodness, where I lived before I moved here there was an open all hours corner shop a feww house from my flat, not buying chocolate and such to cut down frequently ended with late night trip to the corner …………… I’m weak,
        now my nearest shop is over a 2 mile round trip so I always feel I’ve walked most of it off before and they close at 6 🙂
        Frances x

    1. so true Michelle but our last harsh winter for them to burn off fat stores was back in the late 80s – and these inner citiy squirrels are constantly fed so are becoming obese whatever the season

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