photoart friday: entranced

This week’s PAF theme could not have been easier, since it hosts a favourite topic of mine –  ‘entrances” and/or “exits’. The hard part was choosing which one to feature so instead I’ve created a gallery of ways in and out, narrow passages, arched corridors and ornate doorways.

collage of photo effects for photoart friday entrances
click to enlarge – photo editing effects in sequence

Entrances are entrancing! When I look at these thoroughfare openings, I am delighted by the invitation, the history of  comings and goings embedded within, and the bare-bone geometry of shapes. Using smart photo editor, I thus applied an illustrative graphic effect, and crosshatching, which takes it back to the drawing board. The composite texture adds dimension to the flat plane which is enhanced with a warm/cold contrast and finalised with a golden sunset effect.

Do you have a favourite? Click to enlarge as I hang them in the photoart on Friday gallery ‘entrances & exits’

Links: Thanks to Bonnie for her Perfect! texture


20 thoughts on “photoart friday: entranced

  1. I started to leave a comment and then I got distracted… sorry if you get me twice. I am so inspired by this collage of yours. I think were I to have slowed a bit as I prepared Exit My Heart I could have shown a great many “versions” of what turned out. your blog is a treasure trove!! thanks so very much for your kind words to me. ;~D

    1. just the one Currie but a lovely comment at that. I try to remember the steps of photo editing so I can repeat it for the future though being lost in the art might be more artistic;)

  2. “Entrances are entrancing.” How perfectly expressed! I love how you bleached these images down to the bare bones so that we can see the lovely skeletons of each. It’s hard to pick a favorite – they’re all beautiful!

  3. Oh, I love these! All of them 🙂 The sketched effect is so well suited to the motifs, and I’m full of awe at how neatly you’ve pulled it off and supplemented it with the warm hues. Really nice effect with the multitude of images as well!

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