WPC: Love

edmund emery memorial tileThe art nouveau glazed tiles, comprise plaques which commemorate heroic deeds of self-sacrifice. Passers by, clergymen, relatives, and children, who died trying to save others –

“Solomon Galaman
Aged 11 died of injuries
Sept 6 1901 after saving his little brother from being run over in Commercial Street
“Mother I saved him but I could not save myself.”

postman park memorial tiles
Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

For the WordPress weekly photo challenge, this is a remarkable testament to the power of love

Watt’s memorial to heroic self-sacrifice list of tablets


15 thoughts on “WPC: Love

      1. Thank you for compliment!

        I feel like there is more to that…to its importance and the possible impact it could make on our society right at this point in time. Strive to be remembered for self-sacrifice and not for the lights and glory gained by hurting others.

        Wonderful job bringing this to light and most certainly worth a periodic repost.

        1. it would be good if this tradition continued – though a new plaque was added recently ; LEIGH PITT, REPROGRAPHIC OPERATOR, AGED 30, SAVED A DROWNING BOY FROM THE CANAL AT THAMESMEAD, BUT SADLY WAS UNABLE TO SAVE HIMSELF, JUNE 7 2007.

  1. when I Googled Postman’s Hill I found nothing. Couldn’t have found this without your prompting as you haven’t used “Postman’s Hill”

    Is the new plaque for 2007 in a similar style?

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