Photoart Friday: Crossings

original image + textureWith ‘Minimalist’ as this week’s PAF theme I began with an image that could readily be reduced to its basic constituent parts. In this puddled entrance to a wasteland car park, the factors were the colour blocks of red, blue, gold and white whilst the central cruciform was the main focus. The minor points of sky, chain and stenciled word were nice touches and so, appropriately enough, I composited the final edit with ‘the little things’ texture.
collage of SPE effects - photoart friday 'crossings'In the initial stages of editing, I moved from dark to light and from realism to abstraction, resulting in a textured, paint effect. I then transformed the image with the SPE  ‘original on negative’ effect which crosses one over the other in its opposite colours, with a squared format. This created congruence in colour and shape with the white gap between the locked gates and their lower edges. Finally, I overlaid Bonnie’s little things texture and added a transparent border for effect.  Though it probably meets the modernism rather than minimalist criteria, am hanging my ‘Crossings’ photoart in the PAF Gallery

photoart friday 'crossing'
‘Crossings’ – click to enlarge

download Bonnie’s textures – ‘the little things’


22 thoughts on “Photoart Friday: Crossings

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the contrast of colour and texture – and the the still and the dynamic. I was most interested to read about your processes too.

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