Scandart Sunday: Buttons & Binca

scan of buttons and binca
300 dpi scan – click to enlarge

Nearly missed the deadline for my own ‘Scandart Sunday’ (anything beginning with B theme)so somewhat hurriedly and randomly, I scattered the button box over the scanner bed and overlaid them with a piece of block weave canvas (Binca). The brilliance of the buttons is illuminated by the light source underneath whilst the definition is sufficiently bold when scanned at 300 dpi – enough to see the weave, as well as the cotton thread remains.
collage of SPE effects on buttons scanEditing the scan in SPE, I raised the definition and added a watercoloured background to give the impression that the buttons had leaked their colour. Over this, I laid Bonnie’s ‘Beauty is’ texture and added an embroidery style font.

scandart sunday 'buttons'
click to enlarge: Buttons & Binca

If you want to play along with your scanner:-

  • create your own post : ‘Scandart Sunday: theme title’.
  • [themes are a prompt rather than a requirement]
  • add your post link in the comments below
  • so that others can find it, place a link to this page in your post

Next month’s theme will be ‘Anything beginning with C’ – 3/3/13

download free texture: ‘Beauty is’
download free font: ‘Learning Curve’


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