photoart friday: camellias

The PAF challenge for this week was to create a photoart composite with two images, as well as utilising two of Bonnie’s textures – the mandatory one being ‘dropped petals’.

camellias photoart collage
L to R : ‘Dropped petals’ texture; monochrome camellias in portrait & landscape format; ‘bamboo dreams’ texture

I made the most of the geometric layout of the ‘dropped petals’ texture by layering in and aligning, two portrait format images. Over these layers I added the central camellia, masking out some of its extraneous detail. The ‘Bamboo dreams’ texture was then the perfect accompaniment to this Oriental composite, creating a golden, scripted effect, which made a good contrast with the dusty pink hues.

camellia collage of photoart effects
Top to bottom – detail of sequential edits: portrait image layers in overlay opacity; central image in lighten opacity; texture layer in lighten opacity

The editing was finalised with a transparent border and the addition of mandarin scripts for the Chinese New Year, to hang in the photoart friday gallery

camellia photoart & chinese New Year

Kung Hei Fat Choy!
May your year of the Water Snake 2013 be filled with an abundance of health, happiness and prosperity!

PDPA free textures ‘dropped petal’ ; ‘bamboo dreams‘;


31 thoughts on “photoart friday: camellias

  1. This is wonderful, Laura! I get so perfuzzled with comments that come without return email so I didn’t respond to your very kind words I received this morning. I know this is the year of the snake and I am a snake [this is NOT something I think of except when it knocks me upside the head like in your post!!! LOL] which means I turn 60 this year, too!!
    Your photo collage abstract and process are each and all altogether fascinating. I learn so much going through all the PAF links and just thank you so much for your “BEhind the scenes” look.
    Gorgeosity & Deep Gratitude,

  2. Wow – wherever you got the idea that your use of squares was less creative, I really can’t understand… Such utter, exquisite beauty! Wonderfully themed throughout… I really can’t have an opinion as to the ‘abstract quality’; to me this is just quality, period!
    Shimmering… πŸ™‚

  3. I really love your creative take on this prompt – it’s beautiful! Happy Chinese New Year to you. πŸ™‚

    P.S. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog – I love the Ted Hughes crow quote you left me. I agree that crows can be quite entertaining!

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