Three-way split

Rather than donning various hats in a magazine style format, I’ve  opted instead for partitioning with three, entirely separate blogs:-

my Tell Tale Therapy blog
words with pictures – Tell Tale Therapy

1. Tell Tale Therapy:  I first jumped into the blogging world with a garden journal but when I lost the garden, I dropped the spade and picked up the camera. As the months have passed, I realise how much I miss having something to write about.

Inspired by WP Daily Prompts, 20 lines a Day challenges and any other topic that entices the ink to well up within the virtual pen, Tell Tale Therapy will be just that!

window reflection and display at 39 Doughty street!
no words and 1 shared picture post – me and my grandma

2. me and my grandma: Once a week, my granddaughter and I post an image, side by side, on a theme of our choosing. It is not a photo competition but a place to show each other how we perceive and interpret things with our cameras/iPhones. No words are necessary here.

side street view in the city of London
focus on photography with some few, choice words – eljaygee

3. eljaygee will continue to be my photography blog though as of now, I intend to raise my game in terms of more quality and less quantity!  My camera is still a point & shoot,  Ricoh CX3, but my ‘eye’ has improved enough to warrant better compositions and clarity. Alongside I’ll lighten things, with the fun of photoart.

Since I’m in a  three-way split,  I now need a centralising avatar persona and henceforth will sign in as

Laura Bloomsbury (as with my tweets)


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