photoart friday: invisible threads

This week’s PAF theme, ‘connections’, immediately made me think of roads and railway, phone lines and mail – in short all the ways we can link up with others. Perhaps that’s because this weekend there is going to be a birthday party and family get-together which means I’ve little time for extensive photoart edits.

edits collage for invisible threads
Top L to R: Original; HDR
Bottom L to R: 2-for-1 border; 180 reflection

St Pancras station is my starting point. It contains so many memories from my schooldays of leaving and arriving, separating and re-joining,  and is a monumental linkage to the UK as well as the Continent. This sense of inter-relatedeness is underwritten in myriad journeys and inscribed in the architecture of glass spider-web roof, cross-ties and girders.

I’ve emphasised the concourse structure with high-definition, and then added the SPE ‘two-for-one border’ which overlays one image on another so that with a 180 reflection effect, the whole opens out into a fan of connections. I completed the photoart with a quote from Nietzsche to tie up with others in the photoart friday gallery.

invisible threads photoart
‘Invisible threads’ – click to enlarge


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