Scandart Sunday: Coins & change

This Scandart Sunday’s ‘C’ post is a small cache of coins, which are ‘finds’ from the streets of London. Not exactly the city’s supposed pavings of  gold but such finds are said to bring luck and whilst paper money discoveries go into my purse, I’ve kept the coinage as a decorative collection.

scan of coins and crepe
click to enlarge – coin collection

With the addition of a few more pieces for artistic effect, I scattered the coins, with casual care, over the glass and covered with black crepe paper for background. Scanned at 300 dpi the rather fine specifics of colour and form come into focus – details which I barely notice in everyday monetary transactions.

The little stone is the centre piece of the collection, treasured as a memento and valued for its universal face – whichever way it’s turned there are eyes, mouth and a changing character. It is also a token reminder that before the invention of money, currency was valued in stones and shells.

1-scandart sunday coins1The way the coins fell made it ideal to crop as a square and then I masked the image in Smart Photo Editor with a molten metallic effect. In much the same way, base metals are forged into valued currency and their paper equivalents – a cyclical, almost alchemical process so that money is defined as liquidity and coinage summed up in the collective noun of ‘change’…
…if only we humans could transform so easily, Mr Gandhi!

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The Royal Mint: Coins: much more than pocket change


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