Photoart Friday: Nature’s lease

collage of images and textures for photoart
The 4 elements for my photoart

The task for this photoart friday is to create an abstract from any two of Bonnie’s textures and/or one or more images. There is no specific theme title but since my first texture choice was ‘Beauty is‘ this rather set the tone for the abstract. To complement it, the more geometric, lilac-toned, ‘Fallen petals‘ texture’ was my second choice.

Along with these two  textures, the neoclassical head of art deco detailing on the Unilever building at Blackfriars was an obviously apt subject. Connotations of beauty being in the eye of the beholder made the close-up of the eye sculpture a suitable second.

collage of edits from 1-4 - PAF
L to R Clockwise: rotate Image 1; image 2 with added oval mask; 3. overlay of ‘beauty is’ texture; overlay of ‘fallen petals’ texture

To create an abstract it is necessary to distance the details and to take the art into the realm of the unknown – that is the unlabeled – the region of the right brain even. Rotating the eye image confounds the familiar and new gestalts are created – a cave, a womb or whatever.  To accommodate this shape, I oval masked the female sculpture  and overlaid it on the first image in vibrance mode of opacity. This was a little too unclear so I doubled the effect with a duplicate layer before overlaying with the ‘fallen petals’ texture. This gave a countering, square pattern to the rounded egg-shape and framed the face nicely.

The connection of beauty and fallen petals underlines it’s transience and I completed the edits with a maxim of Edward Counsel’s and now the abstract is ready to hang in the photoart on friday gallery.
beauty is but a lease of nature - photoart


15 thoughts on “Photoart Friday: Nature’s lease

  1. This is fascinating Laura – another suggestive abstract to watch and ponder… beautiful!
    I was amused by the interpretation possibilities for the rotated eye – what I first saw was an ear… 🙂

  2. so very BEautimous and unusual, too. I love your approach to this week’s prompt. it let me open MY vision in a new way.

    and thank you, too, for your encouraging comments on my PAF. I always enJOY what you share with me.

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