Portrait of the artist

collage of self portraits in a hat
“Cock your hat – angles are attitudes”
Frank Sinatra

I bought a hat! But now I’m not so sure when, where and how I’ll wear it. I do admire women who don their chapeaux with nonchalance so I tried out a few attitudes, a la Sinatra, whilst aiming for the mirrored self-portrait. None of the noisy images do the hat much justice though my ego appreciates lack of definition.

I’ve an uncomfortable likeness to Edna Birch from “Emmerdale” and so I tried out some post-camera alterations with Smart photo editor, morphing first in to Darth Vader and ending at a wallpapered version with surreal homunculus. I think it suits the Bloomsbury connection well and perhaps the little figure represents the creative tendency struggling into existence.

So here is a portrait of the artist…as you’ll never see her again!

portrait of the artist with white mount
Laura Bloomsbury


16 thoughts on “Portrait of the artist

  1. I wear a hat quite often – a tweed trilby – and I think the art to wearing a hat well is simply to put it on before you leave the house and then forget about it completely.

    I think your little chapeau cloche is quite charming, and you should definitely wear it.

  2. That last image is down right scary Laura! Love the montage at the start, I can never work out how to wear hats, my sister always looks great in them, me, not so much! They are fun though.

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