WPC: Change

bench dedication plaque

It all began with my wanting to capture this particular dedication.  I switched the camera’s scene mode to ‘Text’and having never used it before, was immediately captivated by the intense sparsity of the high-contrast, outline monochromes that resulted.

Naturally I turned the lens onto other objects roundabout, trialling  just how best to use this transformative effect. Click to enlarge:-

There may not seem much profundity to this change of use but actually this is Queen Square which is what brought me to London to live and work, some twenty years ago. And that transformed my life profoundly….

‘One for the road’ Chas and one for the weekly photo challenge: Change

Dedication: Birmingham, Bali or Boston; some things never seem to change and yet for those who lives have been blighted, everything has changed. I will not utter platitudes about feeling your pain nor would I bring teddies and flowers but I share the shock and horror of such wilful acts of terror, after what was a memorable day of community spirit.


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  1. what a fascinating setting to find on the camera … reduces everything to b&w … and cuts out the details … great images .. have fun with it laura 🙂

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