NGW: Transforming London

Spring’s final appearance makes a timely overlap with National Gardening Week. The RHS event aims this year to encourage us to grow wildflowers and/or take up a career as gardener. Neither of  these is particularly relevant to cities so instead we Londoners are encouraged to volunteer in making local neighbourhoods, greener, cleaner, nicer places to be.

Maybe we do need to work more on our communal areas but it’s evident that most of us make the most of our private outdoor spaces.galvanised watering cans

For all our lack of gardens, Londoners grow whatever is possible in whatever space is available and this retailer is obviously aware that come drought or deluge, the watering can is all we need to keep our tiny plots growing. These gorgeous galvanised cans have the benefit of looking ornamental when not in use and could be left out to collect rainwater for such plants that hate our limey, London tapwater (as per example, the ready-to-burst into flower Camellia above).

garden window box
I love this simple statement and planting trio- have window-box, will garden!

Whilst here another Londoner makes the most of a sill and doorway hanging – the blue Muscari were positively cerulean against the white paint facade though I chose to capture it in monochrome, by way of unifying the whole ensemble.

muiscari hanging basket in monochrome

1. National Gardening Week – London Volunteering


8 thoughts on “NGW: Transforming London

  1. Great photos, and great post, Laura. Seattle and London have fairly similar climates. Our grape hyacinths are bursting into bloom, and I’m ready to dig into my garden. Your post has been very inspiring!

  2. It’s great how inventive people can be and it lifts the spirit’s when walking down a street and passing a pretty window box doesn’t it? Love your images and thoughts as always 🙂

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