Narrow View

london's vertical horizons
L to R: Gordon Square; Near Blackfriars Bridge

I’ve almost grown accustomed to the lack of a broad skyline in London. Within the maze of high walls, the perspective is regularly rotated 90 degrees to the long, pinched view, with some edifice or other blocking the eye-line exit or enticing us further for a close-up.  Hence the camera readily turns to portrait mode, in preparation for the next vertical horizon.


6 thoughts on “Narrow View

  1. The thing I remember from city living is forgetting to look up as often as I should – in cities like Liverpool and Bristol you can completely miss the beautiful architecture and the way the roof lines make beautiful patterns against the sky, because of the huge plate glass windows of the usual chain stores at ground level. I think one of the reasons I love your London photos so much is that they frequently give an alternative perspective.

    1. thank you Janet – I love the reflections in glass and puddle, the filigreed sky on the upward glance,architecture with bold shadows, and the narrow views. But I would most of all love your view 🙂

  2. there is something simultaneously comforting and claustrophobic walking a ‘walled’ narrow street, these photographs remind me so much of my old Manhattan haunts and my early days in Brooklyn. thank you for that nostaligic walk back in time and for your follow as well.

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