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smart photoart friday: quill design

Until photoart friday formally returns, I’m continuing the tradition by trialling some Smart Photo Editor effects.

collage edits - porcupine deco headdress
Top L to R: Original quilled  headdress design; b & w channel mixer with blue; mesmeric transformation 001;

On a recent visit to the Design Museum, I was attracted by a faux headdress in the fashion section, comprised of porcupine quills, inserted into paper, that was torn and stained into patterns. With a black and white channel mix and an  image-reflected, textured overlay, it was transformed into an overtly art deco photoart. I felt it was too dark and so converted it from monochrome to duotone of cobalt and champagne…

duotone quilled headdress with deco motif

…which in turn inspired my book cover illustration and  review @ Tell Tale Therapy: The Great Gatsby.



playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

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