The sylvan lining

Predicting the future for summer by comparing the leaf procession of Oak with Ash, it seems as though the latter is just an unfurling ahead, forecasting a soak rather than a splash, according to the old runes.

For those of us who look forward to barbecues and basking our bones this could be another washout summer.

comma butterflyBad news for butterflies perhaps but Comma  numbers and habitat range are increasing, so that it is quite common now. This one will have hatched last summer and survived hibernation amongst dead leaves

Waterfowl don’t give a damn about wet weather – it is the predators of young that are of concern as a large number of goslings do not reach maturity. Little wonder that the goose and gander displayed a military vigilance worthy of any sentry.

Meanwhile the goblets of magnolia are full to overflowing – always toasting the bride of Spring, ankle-deep in confetti
magnolia tree
and whatever lies ahead, the Sylvan lining is a pure and undisputed green.

The vernal world, and unexhausted seas
Of flowing life, and soul that asks to fill it,
Each and all of these,–and more, and more than these!”
–  William Allingham


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