London Tree Week #3

No celebration of London Tree Week (LTW) would be complete without the focus on Platanus × acerifolia. The soubriquet of London Plane is due to its tolerance of highly pressured urban environments and it has been a favourite street tree here since Victorian times.mono trio of plane trees in Guilford street, BloomsburyToday there are many venerable specimens on London byways but this relatively young trio stand at the junction of Guilford street and the densely fumed highway of Southampton Row. They are displaying their mosaiced, bark peeling capabilities, which enables them to withstand pollution whilst we pedestrians can breathe a little easier with the additional oxygen-tenting of this little copse.

This is a design of function over form but the Planes’ cathedralesque stature goes head to head with a rather fine Beech tree and the thé-au-lait terracotta tiling of the adjacent Hotel Russell.

trio of plane trees in Guilford street, Bloomsbury


4 thoughts on “London Tree Week #3

  1. hi Laura,
    that’s a good idea, to organize a TREE WEEK!
    Once our house stood in an alley with many trees.
    Now, fifty years later there is not a single tree,
    but the road has more width, is broader,
    kind of ugly broadway.

    1. ugly broadway is good description of naked streets. The Woodland Trust are organising activities for London Tree Week so thought I’d join the celebration my way with these posts 🙂

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