London Tree Week #4

Compared to some of the more random urban plantings, Marchmont Street has been thoughtfully landscaped in a design that transformed a local eyesore to a posh, pedestrian parade.Snowy Mespilus Trees in monoAt the core are 7 Snowy Mespilus – Amelanchier Lamarckii, with miniature gardens of mixed underplanting.  These small, tough trees have created a light and airy union between the resident Georgian and the sixties, tiered, social housing of the Brunswick.

An early Spring profusion of star-shaped blossom has long gone and new, bronze foliage is turning verdant. The small-leaved, delicate wands whip and wave to each other and by Autumn will glow red, bearing black fruit for birds or jam.

Amelanchier Lamarckii trees in marchmont parade

Marchmont Parade landscaping – Marchmont Association


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