London Tree Week #6

On one side the neo-Baroque red brick building where the first school of medicine for women was founded in 1874 and on the other, the urbane, rear entrance to a Waitrose. Dividing them off , the narrow congested Handel Street with its confined pavements, where trees and pedestrians pass each other in single filemono of sycamores and field maples in Handel StreetMost of the urban trees here are relatively recent and a cursory ID from the leaves suggests Acers, probably Field Maples, Acer campestre and/or the Sycamore, Acer pseudoplatanus. I tend to associate these trees with rural  hedgerows and pastures, with cows sheltering in their shade. Nevertheless in this urban environment,  the canopy is a beneficial green screen, evoking the spirit of London Tree Week (LTW) @ the Woodland Trust.
sycamores and field maples in Handel Street


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